You never know when your number come in the list, normally 1 uk millionaire raffle but this time 100 uk millionaire raffle, that’s mean you have 99 more chances to be a millionaire. Do you know that when you play the euro lotto the uk millionaire raffle number will generate automatically, so most of us think about this as a luck, what you think?

If you think about the jackpot, it’s really dream £105 millions. It’s big no, bigger no, its biggest euro lotto draw within this month. London Olympic 2012 opening ceremony day is today and you have a chance to be a millionaire if you will be the lucky one then doesn’t forget to thanks the national lottery to give you the chance.

Don’t forget to check your lotto results every time when you played the game. There are so many prize money unclaimed still now, so don’t forget to check yourself. One young man found his winning ticket when he was cleaning his room’s bin, but he throw them away he decide to check in the local shop and then he realised that he is a winner of £2.3 million uk lottery.

London Olympics 2012 will bring more opportunities to Britain and national lottery gives you the more chance to be a UK millionaire. Do you know that Big Ben rang for three minutes for the first time since King George VI’s funeral cause of the London 2012.


There is a good connection with you and the London Olympic 2012 as it’s opening ceremony on Friday and your lotto luck to be a uk millionaire.

But don’t worry other EU territory they have £105 millions to share or one person can grab the jackpot. By buying the euro million raffle ticket you are buying your millions pounds fortune and also contributing in the London Olympic 2012 as National Lottery contributed £2.2 billions.

Most of us don’t bother to calculate the euro lotto numbers, we just play Lucky Dip and depend on the luck but do you know that the winning numbers will come from a system of a machine which will be used by the UK National Lottery. So what you think you will still depend on the luck or you will use a system to choose lottery numbers uk. The system can calculate the numbers that has more potentiality then lucky dip and its proven and you can check this out by visiting the link bellow.

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