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Online Bitcoin Casinos

Online gambling has left no stone unturned ever since websites started dealing in bitcoin and Litecoin. Every bitcoin casino now has a stack full of games backed by the promotional offers and sign-up benefits for the customers.

In order to make it big in the online gambling world, there are a certain facts that all gamblers must know. Below we going into details on a number of fun facts that you should know before you play at Bitcoin Gambling sites online. It will help you appreciate the casino world and give you an insight into the industry.

First Casino on the Internet

It was in the year 1994 that Free Trade and Processing Zone Act was passed in the small Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda. The act allowed online gambling websites to operate freely. Since then the number of online casinos has nearly reached 500. Many of them have franchises, affiliates, and subsidiaries also.

Gambling Industry of the U.S

Gambling was initially restricted in the United States by the legal authorities. Even so, the industry has been generating revenues nationwide. In 2008, the industry generated gross revenues of $92.27 billion in the United States. While the commercial casinos provided 354,000 jobs and state and local tax revenues of $5.2 billion as of 2006.

Hands in One Deck

For Bitcoin Casinos, a deck comprises of standard 52 cards and there are 2,598,960 distinguished combinations of hands for five cards.

The Four Suits

There are four different suits (clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts) found in playing cards. The suits originated from the French roots during the Ancient Regime when the royalty handled the rule. Cups represent the clergymen, coins represent the merchants, clubs represent the peasant class, and swords represent the noble.

Roulette – The Devil’s Game

One of the most played online bitcoin casino games in Roulette. The sum total of all the numbers on the Roulette wheel counts to be 666 due to which it is known as the Devil’s game.


Did you know that the game of Bingo has 44 million different alternatives for 90 ball games? The game is also celebrated as one of the largest growing community in the online gambling industry.

Bitcoin Gambling Online…

Explore Reviews First

Bingo online games are immensely becoming popular all over the world. Today, you can find both men and women playing bingo games from the comfort of their homes. It is fun and exciting. Not to mention, you stand to make some money if you know how to play your bingo games well by choosing the top ten bingo sites.

Below are few pointers which can help you choose the US bingo sites.

* Look out for the number of players
* Look for the bingo site reviews

Look out for number of players

The number of players who are registered on a bingo site will tell you the fact about the quality of the gaming website. Unless they are good and provide their players with what they want, the players are going to go elsewhere. The competition among bingo online games is very high for now.

If they want to remain in contention, then they have to provide huge rewards, tournaments, promotional offers as well as professional customer service.

Look for review sites

You will want to look for bingo site reviews like The review sites are a very good source of information about the bingo sites on which you can play to win money. Since you are going to use real money, it is best for you to register on bingo websites which can really help you out and provide some of the best offers.

On review online sites players who have played on some of the best bingo sites will write about their experiences. Apart from that you will also find out the top ten bingo sites to play on. Always make sure you use bingo sites which are run by major corporations because they will not cheat or run scams for fear of poor brand reputation.

Change in US laws

In case you did not know, there have been some changes in the US laws. The US government has asked the banks not to process credit cards for online gaming. Due to this those of you planning to make use of your credit cards for depositing money on bingo websites in the United States of America will face issues that can be solved by contacting the customer support of the bingo site.…

Euro Millions Raffle

You never know when your number come in the list, normally 1 uk millionaire raffle but this time 100 uk millionaire raffle, that’s mean you have 99 more chances to be a millionaire. Do you know that when you play the euro lotto the uk millionaire raffle number will generate automatically, so most of us think about this as a luck, what you think?

If you think about the jackpot, it’s really dream £105 millions. It’s big no, bigger no, its biggest euro lotto draw within this month. London Olympic 2012 opening ceremony day is today and you have a chance to be a millionaire if you will be the lucky one then doesn’t forget to thanks the national lottery to give you the chance.

Don’t forget to check your lotto results every time when you played the game. There are so many prize money unclaimed still now, so don’t forget to check yourself. One young man found his winning ticket when he was cleaning his room’s bin, but he throw them away he decide to check in the local shop and then he realised that he is a winner of £2.3 million uk lottery.

London Olympics 2012 will bring more opportunities to Britain and national lottery gives you the more chance to be a UK millionaire. Do you know that Big Ben rang for three minutes for the first time since King George VI’s funeral cause of the London 2012.


There is a good connection with you and the London Olympic 2012 as it’s opening ceremony on Friday and your lotto luck to be a uk millionaire.

But don’t worry other EU territory they have £105 millions to share or one person can grab the jackpot. By buying the euro million raffle ticket you are buying your millions pounds fortune and also contributing in the London Olympic 2012 as National Lottery contributed £2.2 billions.

Most of us don’t bother to calculate the euro lotto numbers, we just play Lucky Dip and depend on the luck but do you know that the winning numbers will come from a system of a machine which will be used by the UK National Lottery. So what you think you will still depend on the luck or you will use a system to choose lottery numbers uk. The system can calculate the numbers that has more potentiality then lucky dip and its proven …

Så funkar pokerrummens lojalitetsprogram


I princip varenda pokerrum på nätet erbjuder något slags lojalitetsprogram, vissa bättre än andra, men alla kan på olika sätt hjälpa till att bygga din bankrulle eller erbjuda något annat slags värde.

De flesta program bygger på att man samlar ”poäng” genom att spela ringspel eller turneringar – ju mer poäng desto bättre belöning för dig. En del program har dessutom olika ”VIP-nivåer” där varje nivå (t ex ”brons”, ”silver” och ”guld”) kräver att man tjänat in minst ett visst antal poäng. Din belöning beror sedan på på vilken VIP-nivå du är. Notera att hur många poäng du får för att spela och hur mycket dessa poäng är värda skiljer sig från pokerrum till pokerrum.

Nedan går vi igenom de bonusar pokerrum kan ge dig som trogen kund:

Cash Back

Den kanske vanligaste formen av bonus är Cash Back, vilket innebär att du kan växla in dina ihopsamlade poäng och få ut rena pengar som läggs till din bankrulle. T ex så kan 50 poäng ge dig en dollar tillbaka. Hos ett annat pokerrum kan 100 poäng ge dig en dollar. Detta innebär inte nödvändigtvis att det sistnämnda programmet är sämre, det kan vara så att det är dubbelt så lätt att samla poäng hos det pokerrummet. Man måste jämföra pokerrum för att hitta ett lojalitetsprogram som passar ens egen spelstil.

Speciella turneringar

Det är också vanligt att man erbjuds att få vara med i speciella turneringar, t ex en ”$500 Loyalty Freeroll” när man samlat ett visst antal poäng. Detta är ett lite mer osäkert sätt att bli belönad på eftersom du ju måste slå andra pokerspelare för att få prissumman, men du får typiskt ut större belopp om du vinner.


Pokerrummet kan låta dig välja mellan olika prylar, t ex MP3-spelare, filmer, eller TV-spel, när du tjänat in poäng. Denna bonus bygger ju inte på din bankrulle, men om detta är saker du ändå hade köpt så går det på ett ut. De olika prylarna kostar såklart olika många poäng, och man kan då själv välja hur länge man vill samla poäng innan man köper något i ”poängbutiken”.


En reloadbonus fungerar som den första insättningsbonus pokerrummen ger till nya kunder, dvs man sätter in pengar på sitt pokerkonto och får då en summa av pokerrummet också, men en reloadbonus erbjuds bara till existerande kunder. Beroende på hur mycket en viss kund spelar kan han/hon erbjudas olika …

Enjoy Playing Free Spins Casino

Free spins casino is a unique concept where you get bonus of free spins. This is one of the best ways to try playing at a casino without risking any money but have the opportunity to win money. This is an online casino where you get bonus of free spins. These bonuses are given to players on the deposits they will be making or on the initial deposit.

Players from the world over who like to try their hands on free spin casinos can take a chance on the internet in this environment which is user friendly and safe. This gaming platform is well advanced where every spin is recorded and registered and stored safely.

What does Free Spins Casino Offer?

Free Spins Casino has been given a license by Gaming Authority of Malta, which provides customers with an opportunity to play in a well regulated environment. The licence that is granted by the gaming authority of Malta adheres to all the rules of the game. They also have a licence which is given by the gambling commission of UK.

All the games in the casino from the video slots to the table games have been designed to offer players an honest and secure setting to try their luck online. All the percentages of payouts are dealt on monthly basis and are given to the governing body. There is complete transparency in the percentages of payout which any player can request.

Working of Free Spin Casino

In free spins casino there is a Random Number Generator (RNG) which cannot be manipulated by the staff nor Free Spins Casino. The result of the game is random which gives the players a reliable and safe feeling. The free spins casino games are broadcast live from Malta which provides players with a good level of trust.

Free Spins Casino has a team for customer support which can be contacted by email, phone as well as live chats, who always provide you with the right answers. The support team can be contacted for everything from setting limits to answering questions on the games they offer. All data regarding the games is stored on different servers which can only be accessed with consent granted previously.

Why Players take a Chance on Free Spins Casino

Free Spins Casino is known for its integrity. They will not copy or sell any details to other parties. The data …

Download Linux casinos

Casino gaming and gambling have always been popular and one of the most enjoyed pastime activities ever. However, as time passes, with the progress of science and new technological innovations everything evolves for betterment and casino games are no exception. Since the early 1990s the concept of online casinos has become increasingly well-liked and widely accepted by gamers. But just like everything changes, the basic nature of online casinos is also gradually witnessing a change, the latest trend being Linux casinos. If you are a fan of online gambling, you can try looking for the top rated Thunderbolt casino, a reputed gaming site.

Linux is an operating system which provides an alternative for the more commonly used Windows, another operating system. Even though not as much as the latter, Linux has come to be robustly used in many systems as it is particularly suitable for various computer applications. It is also suited to several kinds of casino games. This is the reason that there have emerged some online Linux casinos, so that the users do not feel left out. There are also some gamers who prefer playing online casino games from their mobiles. If you are also one of them who like mobile casinos better, then you should try Thunderbolt casino on your Android or iOS-based phone.

Using Linux in online gambling is not an old concept. It only started as Linux started to be used in some particular systems. Initially, only Windows used to be the operating system installed in all domestic and commercial computers. For this reason, all the online casino games were built keeping in mind the Windows-based computers. But as Linux started to be used in some particular systems, gradually, the idea of Linux casinos began to develop. Nowadays the concept of mobile casinos has also become quite popular to keep your gaming experience undisturbed. The popular Thunderbolt casino is fully optimised for playing from your mobile and you get 24-hour customer support.

There are certain misconceptions regarding Linux casinos in the general mind. Since most people play online casino games from their Windows computers or Apple Mac, there used to be doubts floating around regarding Linux compatible casino games and their accessibility. When one talks about a Linux casino, it does not mean a casino specifically designed for Linux users, but rather the process of accessing traditional casinos while using a Linux computer. If you …

Side bets i casinospel – något att satsa på?


I många casinospel finns så kallade sido-bets (side bets), vilka är en möjlighet att lägga en insats på ett extra vad som görs utanför det egentliga spelet. I denna artikel tittar vi närmare på side bets och hur du bör förhålla dig till dem.

Ett berömt side bet är när pokeressen Phil Ivey och Tom Dwan slog vad om en miljon dollar att Ivey skulle kunna leva som vegetarian ett år. Detta skedde vid pokerbordet, men hade förstås lite med själva spelet att göra (Ivey förlorade för övrigt vadet).

Sido-bets kan också vara en betydligt mer integrerad del av spelet och detta är vanligt i black jack, craps och andra casinospel. Ibland kan dessa vad utgöra en självklar del av spelet medan de andra gånger endast uppträder i speciella variationer av ett visst spel.

Några exempel på sido-bets är over/under i black jack och tie bet i baccarat. Frågan är hur många av dessa som är värda att satsa på?

Svaret är enkelt: undvik i regel alltid sido-bets när du spelar casino. Sido-bets är sena tillägg till casinospel som skapats för att ge spelarna mera action, men på bekostnad av detta har casinona sett till att deras vinstmarginaler är större.

En del gillar sido-bets för den extra vinstchans de utgör, men ur ett krasst vinstperspektiv är dessa alltså att förkasta överlag. Låt oss titta på vilka odds du får på några sido-bets och sedan jämföra dessa med de vanliga vaden som kan göras i respektive casinospel.

I black jack är det ganska vanligt att satsa på Over/Under, alltså om summan av dina kort ska bli högre eller lägre än 13. Det mest populära här brukar vara att satsa på Over och det stämmer att det är något bättre att satsa på Over (du vinner ca 47 av 100 gånger) än Under (endast 45 av 100), men i båda fallen kommer du i längden att förlora mer pengar till casinot än om du bara hållit dig till ordinarie insatser.

Tie bet
I baccarat finns möjligheten att förutom satsa på Spelaren eller Banken också satsa på oavgjort, ”tie bet”. Detta är dock det sämsta av de tre alternativen med vinstutfall på knappt 10 procent och bara åtta gånger insatsen tillbaka, vilket är en dålig vinst i förhållande till frekvensen.

Fler sido-bets
Det finns mängder av side bets i olika spel och det uppfinns dessutom fler i takt med att nya …