SportsCrew a subsidiary of R&S Report Company is about to embark on their most ambitious venture to date. A top tier lifestyle magazine titled High Roller that deals among others with casino gambling. The magazine will debut on June 15, 2005 on a bi-monthly basis with an initial rate base of 200,000 and it will be distributed in newsstands by Hudson and Curtis.

“As leaders in the gambling industry and casino marketplace, we feel we are uniquely positioned to address the growing needs of players looking for a guide on the glamorous life of Las Vegas and online gambling” said Ryan Jacobs, Chief Operational Officer of R&S Report Company. “We have the firm conviction that our strong editorial expertise and in-depth understanding of the online and land-based gaming lifestyle will enable us to create a magazine that speaks to the priorities of the real player, who seeks for the absolutely most glamorous lifestyle of a high roller” he added.

The Only Sure Bet When It Comes to Glamorous Gambling and Casino Lifestyle: High Rollers Don’t Gamble on Getting the Good Life. As the definitive authority in this niche of the market, High Roller Magazine epitomizes the essence, the style, the glamour and the excitement of THE High Roller Lifestyle. Our editorial content reflects the interests of a high roller by offering entertaining and informative perspectives of the areas of casino tips, poker, travel, entertainment, food/dining and toys, said Seth Bush, Creative Director for High Roller Magazine; he went on saying a combination of style and substance, High Roller Lifestyle magazine is for a new generation of players

Right now there’s no single lifestyle magazine that provides a reliable guide to the finest of everything on the online and land-based gaming industry, expensive toys and the glamorous ways of a life of luxury. High Roller Magazine comes to fill the void and become the ultimate authority on that section of the market.

This represents a ground-breaking approach to the development of a new publication on this unique lifestyle said Jacobs, High Roller Magazine is a rising icon in the gaming industry. No other magazine can be compared to this publication. Were raising the bar to the highest levels of sophistication.

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